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Este es el lugar para disfrutar de un buen viaje con tus amigos y vivir una experiencia completa de surf.
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Sobre Spaghetti Surf

Our story

Spaghetti Surf sprung from the idea of two Italian surfer friends who through a series of events both ended up living in Barcelona. The intention since the very first moment has been to unite our two passions; surfing and good cooking.  

Our experience as instructors and travelers is based on more than 20 years of surfing; a large part of those at competition level. Traveling around the world, constantly searching for the perfect wave, and getting to know new cultures are some of the factors that have shaped us as people, and have made surfing not only the most important thing in our lives, but also a way to transmit this knowledge and joy to others.  

Having traveled far from home, we value even more that the love for our cuisine is a fundamental aspect of our culture, and that is why we want to share it. After many years, our approach is the same: take people to fantastic places with good surfing, teach them how to surf or improve their level, and eat well as if we were at home. 

Nuestra escuela

The Scuola Spaghetti Surf follows the philosophy of travel, of experience.
In this way, we do class on a nearby beach, with few people in the water, and often a peak just for us. Pick up in Barcelona, we move in a van and enjoy a 2 hour class away from the city and the crowd.
The main beaches of Barcelona are very crowded. We believe that you will not take advantage of your session if you will have to share the peak with a lot more people, more or less expert than you.


Cooking is a very important aspect to us because it always has been a significant facet of our lives since we were little. It is not simply about eating well, but about finding a compromise between variety and flavor. 

We use seasonally selected, local products and adapt them to our culinary knowledge. 

On our trips we present a balanced diet, from breakfast to dinner, providing your body with the essential nutrition that allows you to enjoy the long days of surfing. 

During our travels you will eat like you are in our home!